4 Facts about Bulk-Buying Confectionery for an Office

When most people think about bulk buying foods and related items, they picture a strenuous day, yet such buying can be ideal for homes and offices that need to stock up for future use. If you have adequate space in your office, you can bulk-buy confectionery such as candy, marshmallows and lollipops for all ages and tastes. Here are some facts about bulk purchasing for an office. Significant Savings -- Any savvy shopper will tell you that the unit price for items packaged in large quantities is relatively lower compared to items in smaller packaging. Read More 

Essential Tips for Cooking Grass-Fed Beef

When you go to the effort of spending a little more to enjoy the taste of grass fed beef, you want to ensure you cook it to perfection. Investing a little time in treating your purchase well allows you to experience a culinary delight. As such, you need to learn how to tend to yours properly. Don't overcook it While this may seem obvious, grass-fed beef's naturally tender nature makes it easier to overcook. Read More 

Taking time to appreciate Australian food

Australia has an enviable global reputation for producing exceptional food. This is due to the high quality of the grazing and farming lands, a commitment to excellence and a high degree of regulation in the food industry. If you are looking to taste some of the best of local produce, why not head to a locally sourced steakhouse and enjoy some of these items: Steak Of course, and perhaps most importantly, Australian has a great beef cattle industry. Read More 

4 Authentic Chinese Seafood Dishes That Aren’t To Be Missed

If you're a fan of Chinese cuisine and enjoy seafood, don't limit yourself to a prawn curry when you visit a Chinese restaurant. There are a wide variety of authentic Chinese seafood dishes and flavour combinations for you to explore. Here are four seafood dishes that aren't to be missed. Braised Abalone Braised abalone originates in the eastern province of Shandong. Abalone, also known as sea snails, have brightly coloured shells, and this dish is served in the shell. Read More 

What’s Hiding in Your Tap Water?

Living in a society where water is quite literally on tap whenever you want it, you take it for granted to a certain extent. Anytime you want a drink, it's there ready to be poured into a glass, so you don't have to wait. But that comes at a price. In order to keep water hygienic enough to supply to homes in such massive quantities, it has to be treated quite heavily. Read More