Taking time to appreciate Australian food

Australia has an enviable global reputation for producing exceptional food. This is due to the high quality of the grazing and farming lands, a commitment to excellence and a high degree of regulation in the food industry. If you are looking to taste some of the best of local produce, why not head to a locally sourced steakhouse and enjoy some of these items:


Of course, and perhaps most importantly, Australian has a great beef cattle industry. This includes the wide ranging cattle from the northern reaches of Australian that get to enjoy a wide range of foods as they graze across massive properties. The range of feedstocks creates an interesting and complex flavour within the steak. The more southern farming regions have smaller properties and a richer feedstock which tends to create a more marbled and rich meat which can be used in a range of ways. 


Australia also has a great range of vegetables from around the country. This can be enjoyed as a roasted dish next to your steak or as fresh salad. The range of local vegetables will usually vary between seasons and even weeks so it can be a great idea to ask the waiter for some tips on what vegetables are great at the moment. You can often get a delicious surprise and might get to try a vegetable or side dish that you wouldn't usually try!


Australia also has an enviable reputation globally for exceptional wines. While red wines are traditionally associated with steak and red meat dishes, there is also a range of richer cool climate white wines which are an interesting and complimentary taste with a delicious steak. Again once you've selected a steak, why not ask the waiter or sommelier for some recommendations that suit your food? Don't be afraid to let them know your budget either, as most waiters can find you a great option in any price range as long as they understand the types of wines that you enjoy, your budget and the foods that you will be having with the wine. 

If you are a foodie or looking to organise a meal for a special someone who enjoys eating locally sourced food it can be a great idea to make a booking at a locally sourced steakhouse. This will give you an opportunity to try some of the best Australian meat, vegetables and wine.