Essential Tips for Cooking Grass-Fed Beef

When you go to the effort of spending a little more to enjoy the taste of grass fed beef, you want to ensure you cook it to perfection. Investing a little time in treating your purchase well allows you to experience a culinary delight. As such, you need to learn how to tend to yours properly.

Don't overcook it

While this may seem obvious, grass-fed beef's naturally tender nature makes it easier to overcook. Unlike corn-fed beef, the moisture leaves quickly, which means you're less likely to enjoy a succulent steak if you cook at speed.

There are two ways to avoid this. The first is to aim for medium to rare results only, which ensures you retain some moisture. The second is to cook at a low temperature if you prefer your beef well done.

Treat it to the right oils and marinades

Grass-fed beef is incredibly low in fat. While this does make it healthier, it does mean you'll need a little more oil to cook it effectively. To avoid detracting from its natural flavour, try light olive oil. In addition to preventing a loss of flavour, it dissipates slower than other oils, which means you're less likely to burn your sensitive beef.

Similarly, use oils such as olive or truffle if you're creating a marinade. For marinading perfection, massage or tenderise it into the beef and give it a few hours to soak. As grass-fed beef has a higher protein to fat ratio, it takes more encouragement on the marinading front.

Relax the beef's proteins using salt

On the protein note, your beef might need more encouragement to relax its structure. This makes marinading easier and the cooking process smoother.

Take an organized approach and allow your beef to rest in a liberal layer of salt before marinading or cooking. This encourages proteins and fats to relax, making it easier for you to work your cooking magic. You can also infuse the salt with herbs and spices if you want to multitask during this process. Try not to worry about it tasting salty, as most of it washes away as you cook or brush it off.

While the process of cooking grass-fed beef is gentler than other types, you'll soon refine your technique with practice. At the end of your efforts you'll enjoy delightful results and you may even turn yourself into a cooking connoisseur with truly unique skills.