3 Fun And Delicious Catering Ideas For Your Informal Wedding

If you're planning your wedding, then you've no doubt put a lot of time and thought into the different elements. Catering is a big consideration and can help to create a memorable and special wedding day for you, your spouse-to-be and your guests. Informal and less traditional weddings are increasingly popular for Australian couples. They create a more relaxed and fun atmosphere that may suit the couple's personalities better than a formal wedding. If you're opting for an informal wedding, then here are three nontraditional and delicious catering ideas that you might like to consider.

1. Cocktail style catering

It's very common for hors d'oeuvres to be served at weddings while guests are mingling before the start of a sit-down meal. Cocktail style catering takes this idea to the next level and provides the entire menu in tantalising tastes throughout the duration of the reception. This style allows you and your guests to socialise more without being confined by pre-organised seating arrangements.

Your cocktail menu can be made up of a variety of delicious mini-dishes. Starting off with bite size morsels and leading into more substantial portions served in quirky paper containers. Each caterer has their own selection of dishes to choose between but small pies and tarts, satay skewers, tempura prawns, Thai curries and Caesar salads are all foods typical of the 'walk and fork' style of cocktail catering foods.

2. Woodfired pizzas

Pizzas are a favourite food of most people, so serving delicious, gourmet wood-fired pizzas at your informal wedding is bound to be a people pleaser. Mobile wood fired pizza caterers can set up their trailer mounted pizza oven at your chosen venue and cook authentic Italian style pizzas to order for you and your guests.

You can put together a menu of several different types of pizzas for your guests to choose from. Alternatively, you can provide a good selection of gourmet toppings and let your guests build their own perfect pizza for a unique and personal touch.

3. A Tepanyaki bar

A Japanese style Tepanyaki bar is another unique, fun and visually exciting idea for catering at your informal wedding. This style of cooking involves a large grill plate and a skilled Tepanyaki chef cooking up raw ingredients right in front of you with showmanship and flair.

Include a range of meats, seafood and vegetarian options for your guests to choose from. A selection of sushi served on platters makes a great entree that's in keeping with the Japanese theme.