Sushi: A Beginners Guide

Asia's proximity to Australia means that many traditional Asian foods have travelled across the sea and are now enjoyed by Aussies everywhere. One of the most popular types of Asia food to reach these shores is sushi. Sushi was first served in Japan about 2,500 years ago. If you haven't eaten sushi before, you may be a little apprehensive about the different types of sushi on offer and the taste and texture of raw fish. Also, eating sushi can involve using some quite obscure Japanese words which are centuries old. Below is a guide sushi and to some of the types of sushi, you may come across when ordering this dish in a seafood restaurant.

Sushi: A basic guide

Sushi was developed as a way of preserving raw fish. By wrapping the raw fish in fermented rice, it was found that the fish would stay fresh. When it was time to eat the fish, the fermented rice would also be consumed. Over the years, sushi food has developed, and there are now lots of different types of sushi available.

3 Common types of sushi


Maki is one of the most common types of sushi on offer in seafood restaurants. It takes the form of a cylinder of fermented rice which is wrapped in seaweed. In the centre of the rice, there will be a piece of delicious raw fish, shellfish or vegetable. Sometimes, maki may contain cooked fish.


If you enjoy spicy foods, then nigiri might be the right thing for you. Nigiri typically includes a little bit of wasabi (which is the Japanese version of horseradish). Nigiri takes the form of a small amount of vinegared rice, which is topped by a piece of cooked or raw fish. A thin layer of wasabi is found between the rice and fish. 


Sashimi is sometimes confused with nigiri. However, the key difference between sashimi and nigiri is that sashimi does not contain any rice. Sashimi is simply a slice of raw fish or other seafood served alone. The most popular types of seafood used to create sashimi are salmon, tuna and scallop.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of sushi and understand the three main dishes which appear on the menu at a seafood restaurant, you will be able to order the type of food which appeals to you. If you would like further advice about the best types of sushi, you should contact a seafood restaurant, such as Maisie's Seafood & Steakhouse.